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GAIA Yoga: Eco-Friendly 

Specialty Yoga

"Excelling Above and Beyond the Classroom​ Walls"


Jamilia L. Williams, M.Ed, Ed.S

Executive Director

SUCCESSisNOW is an opportunity for students to receive affordable academic enrichment outside of the classroom.  My passion lies in helping students achieve greatness in the classroom.  With 15 years of educational experience, the success that I have achieved in the classroom is reflected in the number of students that have left my classroom motivated and ambitiously prepared for the next facet of their lives.  SUCCESSisNOW will go above and beyond the classroom walls to ensure academic achievement is pursued and fulfilled.  Here's a peek into the future of SUCCESSisNOW...

  • Summer Enrichment Camps
  • STEM Projects
  • After School Care
  • Teen/Youth Life Coaching

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